Total Floor Area 2,852m²

(reinforced-concrete and buildings of one or two stories)


Administration Building Office(General Affairs Section) /
Diector’s office / Manager’s office / Reception room/
Caretaker’s room(security and Maintenance) / Storage/Library /
Audio-visual room 8(for 46 persons)
Kilins Gas kiln (5.2m³, 0.8m³, 0.4m³, 0.1m³) / Electric kikns (50kw,10kw) /
Anagama / Climbing kiln
Sutudio Building Instructor’s room (Studio section) / Studio 1 (228m²) /
Studio 2 (138m²) / Damp rooms / Drying room / Plaster room /
Glazing room
Dormitory Building 3 guest rooms(28m²) / 10 single room(17m²) / Tatami room /
Dining room / Kitchen / Salon / Laundry room.

Studio Artists work mainly in studio no.1.Each artist is provided with a space pf about nine square meters, and work tables and electric wheels are available. For large scale work, palettes and a forklift are available. Artists should bring their own tools. Artists buy their own clay and other materials.

*Glaze Room
Artists may freely use facilities such as the spray booth, ball mills, and mechanized mortars. Basic glaze materials are available at cost.

*Plaster room
There are vacuum plaster mixing machines and jigger wheels for plaster work.

Work Equipment

5.2m³ gas kiln
0.8m³ gas kiln
0.4m³ gas kiln(2)
0.1m³ gas kiln
50kw electric kiln
10kw electric kiln
5kw electric kiln
Climbing kiln
Drying room
Slab roller
Palette lifter
Cray mixer (2kg)
Casting slip mixer
Spray booth
Electric mortar mill
Vacuum plaster mixer
Plaster wheel
Diamond cutter

Kiln Fee per firing


Kiln Bisque Firing Glaze Firing
50kw Electric Kiln 15,800 31,600
10kw Electric Kiln 4,930 9,800
5kw Electric Kiln 1,400 1,400
Anagama   55,600
Small Anagama   27,800
Climbing Kiln   65,200
Kanayama   109,000
Ittekoi   6,000
Mini Anagama   6,000
Switch back kiln   20,000


Kiln Bisque Firing Glaze Firing
5.2㎥Gas Kiln 21,720 39,440
Kiln fee / 12,000 Gas fee / 9,310 Kiln fee / 20,000 Gas fee / 18,620
0.8³Gas Kiln 9,320 16,090
Kiln fee / 3,650 Gas fee / 5,430 Kiln fee / 4,750 Gas fee / 10,860
0.4³Gas Kiln 6,180 10,490
Kiln fee /2,940 Gas fee /3,100 Kiln fee /3,600 Gas fee /6,600
0.1³Gas Kiln 3,480 5,010
Kiln fee / 2,670 Gas fee / 780 Kiln fee / 2,980 Gas fee / 1,940

*Gas fee may be changed according to the season.

Size of kiln

Size of kiln1

Size of anagama