The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition Schedule in 2021

Special Exhibition “KAMIWAZA NIPPON! YOKOHAMA WARE and TOKYO WARE -Meiji-era Jananese Ceramics which Crossed the Sea-”
Saturday, March 20 – Sunday, June 6, 2021

The craft arts of Japan today are attracting attention around the world. As the Edo period progressed to the Meiji around 160 years ago, Japanese pottery was opened to the world. Among the pottery produced for overseas markets were Yokohama ware and Tokyo ware. Many questions remain about the production of this ware; decorated with painted designs, it was created in small amounts and highly valued. The extraordinary style and meticulous technique make this work truly “superhuman.” This exhibition introduces the ceramic art of the Meiji period, including the work of Miyagawa Kōzan, one of the prominent potters of the era.

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Miyagawa kozan

Special Exhibition“Human and Animal”
Part 1 – Together with Children
Tuesday, June 29 – Sunday, September 5, 2021
Part 2 – Approaching the Artists
Saturday, September 18 – Sunday, December 19, 2021

Humans and animals have been used as artistic motifs since ancient times. The five artists presented in this exhibition, by making use of the qualities of clay, the energy and speed of anime, and realistic actions, create unique expressions exploring the human psychology and animal instincts. Their forms seem to be actually imbued with the breath of life. Through the work of noted artists from Japan, the United States, and Europe, this exhibition introduces the leading edge of clay art that is born from their dialog with clay. One of the artists, Nara Yoshitomo, has worked with clay on a number of occasions since 2007. The unique human figures of his paintings also appear in his clay work; in addition, however, we can encounter figures from deep within his heart that seem to have been awakened and given form by the clay.

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Exhibition Commemorating the Relocation of the Shigaraki Ceramic Research Laboratory “Japan Style – Ceramics x Design x Life”
Saturday, March 5 – Thursday, June 9, 2022

In the years after World War II, as modern design was incorporated into society and daily life, Japanese crafts were reexamined from a variety of perspectives, including the export and manufacturing industries. This trend had a great influence on the country’s pottery producing regions. While maintaining connections with the Mingei folk art movement and industrial design, unique styles of design capitalizing on Japanese aesthetics and local characteristics were developed in each region. This exhibition explores the legacy of ceramic designer Hineno Sakuzo and his influence on postwar Shigaraki and other pottery regions. As we examine the relationship between design, ceramic art, and lifestyle, we hope to discover some indications of how the world will evolve in the coming post-Coronavirus era.

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