The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition Schedule in 2022

“Sparkling Clay – Artists and Children at the Frontier of Ceramics” Exhibition
Saturday, June 25 – Sunday, September 4, 2022

Clay is a fascinating medium with the ability to change into a variety of forms. As modern life becomes increasingly digital, there are less opportunities to create things while feeling materials with our own hands. To create something with the material clay is to express one’s feelings. In the midst of the covid pandemic, many schools introduced activities involving the experience of touching clay. Now is a time for us to reconfirm the importance of such experiences. The year 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the “Tsuchikko” program, an educational project that lets students experience the joy of creating with clay. This exhibition looks back over the years of this program, introducing ceramic art overflowing with character created by the children and artists who participated. Apart from utensils, our daily lives are supported by a variety of ceramic products – from rocket parts to synthetic teeth – some of which are not widely known. Here, with the cooperation of manufacturers, we also introduce a number of industrial ceramic products, giving children the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of possibilities in clay.

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Special Exhibition “Motion in Stillness: Tracing the Spirit of Korea – Unfolding Clay Art” Saturday, September 17 – Sunday, December 18, 2022

The world of Korean art has given birth to a unique perspective as it has evolved through changing times while interacting with foreign cultures. In this world we can catch glimpses of kinetic energy that resides within stillness. New aesthetics are born from the evolution of exchange between people and cultures, while at the same time there remains an unchanging fundamental sense of identity within the spirit of tradition. One representative example of this spirit is the white porcelain “Moon Jar.” In recent years, Moon Jars have appeared as a common cultural and aesthetic theme for artists working in a variety of genres. From the perspective of “motion within stillness,” this exhibition examines the development of Korean art, particularly ceramics, through a variety of expressions and theories, and the spirit that lies at its foundation.

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Special Exhibition “Teacups – The Pottery that Japanese Loved so much”
Saturday, March 11 – Sunday, June 25, 2023

Teacups are the ceramic works most familiar to the Japanese people. Whether at home or at the workplace, for individuals or for couples, teacups are a unique aspect of Japanese vessel culture. In particular, the Japanese people were most attracted to pottery from the end of the Meiji through the beginning of the Showa era. Japan’s famous places and local specialties are expressed through a variety of techniques, condensed into the space of a small cup with the skills and tastes of artisans and artists of each generation. This exhibition focuses on the charm of teacups, loved by generations of Japanese, from the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park’s “Sakaguchi Kyoitsu Teacup Collection.”

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